ALL   group network address is a new, innovative mobile customer relation management system. Instead of tapping your barcode on a scanner machine at the checkout counter, all you have to do is click your smartphone or tap it on the machine to make your customer.


The needs of the Digital  group network address are backed with a growing number of talented customers using personal media platform community through the increasing digital  group network address developed by the community Coordinator.


All   group network address that has a mission, digital objectives and peer to peer services will be focused on world wide digital personal media service   – but Many social network address being focused isn’t enough peer to peer base transaction.  The focus of the Digital   group network address must reflect the needs of the business transaction with customer.  Many Digital  group SNS cannot have its your business own data. Your data needs to be the transaction of the business.  So we have solution which is  group network address data that need to be involved in setting the Digital  group network address's focus own data. They are customers member, business member and other Smartcubic  ( PERSONAL MEDIA platform community Coordinator) groups.