MYcubic has oriented my concern with WEB 3.0 digital SOLUTION

With the My cubic app store currently in multi web portal base app, the multi domain's service will be available for multi businesses and multi business customers alike. 

 For easy searching category, all business categories will be referenced, such as accounting firms, insurance/telecommunications, restaurants, medical etc.
Personal customers will use the domain domain/cubic/id, and its affiliated app in the store going by the every cubic can be announced in the world.
My cubic app's goal is to foster international community engagement using multi platform (hybrid app store platform). This is our role to make world wide   community.
We will engage and connect with regional, national and international communities to enrich business and customer experiences, all through the use of the hybrid app store which will support any device using O/S (like android) and IOS. Mycubic can also support customers search what they want with ease in the app, ergonomically driven to give only relevant video, coupons, events, reward and search log results. All of this is backed with a growing number of talented customer using SNS community through the increasing international networks developed by the community Coordinator.